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What are Common Causes of Car Accidents?

Lexington, SC car accident lawyers explain why crashes happen

The term "car accident" can be misleading. That’s because there’s often nothing accidental about them. In many cases, car crashes happen because another driver did something reckless or failed to act responsibly. That’s why it’s important to have someone on your side who understands why car accidents happen and who can defend your rights.

Our Lexington, South Carolina car accident attorneys at Johnson + Johnson Attorneys at Law, know exactly what to do. That’s because we have extensive experience investigating accidents in Lexington, Columbia, and surrounding communities. We know how to determine the cause of car accidents and what to do about them. That’s why we want to meet with you.

How did your South Carolina car accident happen?

Every car accident is different. Each one has its own unique circumstances and challenges. There are often many things in common between certain crashes. That’s why it’s important to understand the similarities and differences between different types of accidents, especially when you’re trying to obtain financial compensation for your accident-related expenses.

Some of the most common causes of car accidents we deal with at our law firm include:

Is this how your car accident happened? Or are you dealing with another type of accident caused by another driver? Whatever the circumstances, we want to help you hold the driver who caused your crash responsible for their actions.

How can a lawyer determine the cause of the crash?

You know how your accident happened, but often, you will need proof to support your story and receive the money you deserve for medical bills, lost income and other accident-related expenses.

Our experienced Lexington car accident lawyers know exactly what to look for when investigating the cause of a car crash. Key pieces of evidence often include:

  • Careful analysis of your car accident report
  • Identify and interview witnesses who saw your accident, if possible
  • Examine the actual scene of your crash, in certain circumstances
  • Consult with accident-reconstruction experts, in some cases

Information is power. The more evidence you have to support your case, the stronger your accident claim, in many cases. That’s why our attorneys work hard to find out why crashes happen. That way, we can negotiate effectively with insurance companies after an accident.

Get the respect you deserve after your car accident. Contact our law firm today.

You might wonder why you even need a lawyer if another driver clearly caused your crash. The reality is many car crashes turn out to be much more complicated than many people expect. The driver who caused your accident might deny doing anything wrong. Or they might try to blame you. Worst of all, their insurance company might take their side and deny your claim.

That’s not right. That’s why we take our work so seriously. We believe accident victims should be fairly compensated for their crash. If the other driver’s insurance company or anyone else stands in our way, we will not hesitate to take them to court and file a car accident lawsuit against them.

Get the respect you deserve. Contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation with a Lexington car accident lawyer committed to fighting for your case. We can meet with you in our Lexington office or wherever’s convenient for you.

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