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Study: Majority of drivers admit to aggressive driving

Aggressive driver in car, side view

Nearly every adult has experienced an episode of road rage. Just in the past year, more than 80% of drivers admitted to driving angry.

A recent survey by The Zebra asked motorists in all 50 states about their driving habits in the last year. About 82% of respondents said that they had driven aggressively or been the aggressor in a road rage incident within the last 12 months.

It may be no surprise then that road rage-related fatalities have skyrocketed up 500% over 10 years - from 80 deadly confrontations to 467, researchers said.

What exactly is road rage?

Road rage is an advanced form of aggressive driving. Aggressive driving can be just about any kind of deliberate unsafe driving, like changing lanes without using a turn signal or honking out of frustration.

Aggressive driving progresses to road rage when an irate driver uses obscene gestures, rams another vehicle, forces another car off the road, or initiates some other violent action.

About 55% of adults said that they had an episode of road rage within the last year. Of these people, 6% said their rage led to a physical confrontation such as throwing objects, physically fighting, sideswiping a vehicle, or getting out of a car to yell at another driver.

It’s not always clear what sets a road rage incident off, but The Zebra found drivers became particularly heated by tailgating and distracted driving. They were also angered when getting cut off, the car ahead of them was moving too slowly, or a turn signal was not used.

If you find yourself the target of a road rage incident, the best way to handle it is to ignore the situation and remove your vehicle from in front of the aggressive driver by pulling over, making a turn, or other such means, The Zebra said. Getting angry, fighting fire with fire just makes things hotter. If the situation is getting out of control, call 911 for help.

The Cost of Driving Mad

Road rage and aggressive driving can cost the aggressor thousands of dollars in court-ordered fees and restitution, but it can cost the victim even more.

If you’re the victim of a road rage incident or a car accident caused by an aggressive driver, you can’t count on the insurance company for the compensation you will need to recover physically, mentally, and financially from the actions of the reckless driver. Keep in mind that the insurance company is a business and has a vested interest in keeping your compensation as low as possible.

As such, having an experienced attorney in your corner to advocate for your best interests and protect your rights can be critical to the outcome of your claim.

Our Attorneys Fight for Maximum Compensation

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