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A growing suburb of nearby Columbia, the city of West Columbia, South Carolina has its own distinct character. Initially named Brookland, West Columbia was founded in 1894 and primarily served as a place to live for people who worked in nearby mills. Nowadays, West Columbia has many people attractions for residents and visitors, including West Columbia Riverwalk Park and Amphitheater and Riverbanks Botanical Garden.

Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen in West Columbia. In an instant, you or a loved one can sustain a serious injury due to someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior. Such injuries can range from concussions to back injuries. In many cases, you may need immediate medical attention at Lexington Medical Center or another nearby West Columbia hospital.

Along with your health, you need to take steps to protect your rights. Otherwise, you might not get the money you deserve for your injury-related expenses. That’s why you need to talk to a West Columbia personal injury attorney who knows how the legal system works in Lexington County. That’s why you need Johnson + Johnson Attorneys at Law on your side. We can answer your questions, explain your options and develop a legal strategy designed to succeed.

Why you should choose our law firm

Experience matters when it comes to choosing the right attorney. But just because an attorney has handled legal cases before doesn’t mean they know how the legal system works in West Columbia. Our local lawyers know West Columbia inside and out.

We believe we’re the best firm to handle your West Columbia injury claim because of our:

  • Personalized approach focused on identifying your unique legal needs.
  • Attention to detail when investigating injury claims.
  • In-depth knowledge of applicable local, state and federal laws.
  • Extensive experience negotiating settlement claims with insurance companies.
  • Courtroom experience representing clients in personal injury lawsuits.

Legal cases we handle in West Columbia, SC

Our law firm handles a wide range of legal cases in West Columbia, including:

Whatever type of accident you or a loved one was involved in West Columbia, don’t simply assume you will be fairly compensated for your injury-related expenses. You have to fight for the money you deserve. That’s our job and we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to build a strong legal case.

We work hard for West Columbia injury victims. Contact us.

Injury-related expenses can add up fast. But what you might not realize is just how many expenses you should be compensated for your West Columbia, SC accident, now and in the future. Such expenses may include:

  • All medical care related to your injury, including emergency medical procedures, surgery, follow-up doctor’s appointments and physical therapy.
  • Money for any property damaged in the accident, including vehicle repairs or replacement costs.
  • Replacement income if you cannot work while you’re recovering from your injury.
  • Lost future income if cannot return to work due to a permanent disability.

Add all these expenses up and your West Columbia, SC injury claim can easily add up to thousands of dollars or significantly more. And what insurance companies don’t tell you is you only have one opportunity to get all the money you rightfully deserve.

Make your West Columbia injury claim or lawsuit count. Contact our law firm and learn how our legal team can help you. Johnson + Johnson – the lawyers you can count on in West Columbia, South Carolina.

Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents caused by other drivers in West Columbia, SC often result in serious injuries. You or a loved one might have whiplash due to a rear-end accident on Meeting Street. Or you might be dealing with a concussion or another type of head injury due to a distracted driving accident on Sunset Boulevard.

When these accidents happen, you need to make sure you take steps to protect your health and your rights. See a doctor right away. Then talk to a West Columbia car accident lawyer at our law firm. We can answer your questions, explain your options, then get right to work on your car accident injury claim or lawsuit.

Don’t simply assume that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will fairly compensate you. In many cases, these companies do everything they can to pay injury victims as little as possible or nothing at all. Our job is to fight for the money you deserve for your West Columbia car accident, whether it’s negotiating the best possible settlement offer or filing a car accident lawsuit on your behalf. You can count on us.

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Truck Accidents

Collisions caused by tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, 18-wheelers and other large commercial trucks in West Columbia, South Carolina often quickly turn into complicated legal cases. That’s because there’s often more than one at-fault party. This can include the truck driver, the trucking company, and the business that loaded the truck or packaged the contents in the trailer.

Each one of these at-fault parties has insurance companies and lawyers working for them. And their goal is the same – to pay you as little as possible or nothing at all. That’s why you need someone on your side looking out for your best interests. That’s why you need a West Columbia truck accident lawyer from our law firm working for you.

We know the local, state and federal laws that apply to commercial truck accidents. We know which strategies work and how to deal with trucking companies, insurance providers and their lawyers. Our experience produces results. That’s why West Columbia truck accident injury victims routinely recommend our law firm. We know how to get the job done right.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists in West Columbia, South Carolina often have a hard time getting the money they rightfully deserve for injury-related expenses due to a serious motorcycle accident. That’s because insurance companies often blame motorcyclists, even if another driver clearly caused the collision.

Insurance companies don’t intimidate us. Our West Columbia motorcycle accident lawyers know how to take them on and demand the money our clients rightfully deserve. Our approach starts with an in-depth investigation into exactly what happened. Afterward, many insurance companies take us seriously and negotiate a fair settlement offer. If not, we will not hesitate to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit on your behalf.

You deserve to be financially compensated for your West Columbia motorcycle accident. Whether you’re dealing with a rear-end crash on Charleston Highway, an intersection accident on D Avenue or a left-turn motorcycle crash on Augusta Road, our legal team can fight for you every step of the way.

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Personal Injury

West Columbia, SC personal injury accidents can change someone’s life in an instant. You might have a concussion or another type of head injury due to a slip and fall accident at a business on Sunset Boulevard. Or perhaps you were injured in an animal attack on Platt Springs Road or 12st Street.

Whatever the circumstances of your injury accident, make sure you fully understand your legal rights. Make sure you talk to an experienced West Columbia personal injury lawyer at our firm right away. We can answer your questions, explain your options and get right to work on your legal case.

The financial impact of a serious injury accident can add up fast. Our legal team can demand the money you need and make sure your injury claim or West Columbia personal injury lawsuit gets the attention and the respect it rightfully deserves. Contact us and schedule your free consultation. We’re here to help.

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