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South Carolina Has the Most Accident-Prone Drivers in America

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More drivers in South Carolina have caused car accidents than any state in the country, according to a recent in-depth study conducted by Insurify.

The study also noted that southern states in general have more at-fault drivers compared to other parts of the country. “The region has many states with elevated motor vehicle crash and fatality rates,” the Insurify report states, adding, “Drivers in the South should take extra precautions on the roads.”

So just how many at-fault drivers are there in South Carolina? And what can drivers do to prevent accidents? Our Lexington, SC car accident attorneys at Johnson + Johnson, Attorneys At Law have the answers to all these questions and more information below.

South Carolina has the most at-fault drivers

The recent Insurify study compared the number of drivers in each state who have caused a car crash based on 4.6 million people who applied for car insurance last year.

Nationally, 8.8 percent of drivers have caused a collision. In South Carolina, 12 percent of drivers admitted to causing a car accident in the past, which is 37 percent higher than the national average and the highest percentage of at-fault drivers for any state.

South Carolina also had the most car accident fatalities per mile and per person. On average, 1.97 people die in a car accident in South Carolina for every 100 million miles driven. And each year, 1 out of 4,831 people die in a car accident in South Carolina on average, Insurify reported.

What are the common causes of collisions in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety publishes a report every year documenting the number of car accidents in the state and the causes of such collisions. According to the “Traffic Collision Fact Book” focusing on car crashes in South Carolina in 2021, the most common causes include:

  • Speeding – 39,595 car accidents statewide that year.
  • Failure to yield – 29,274 car accidents.
  • Improper lane change or usage – 12,907 collisions.
  • Tailgating or following another car too closely – 10,020 accidents.
  • Distracted driving, including texting while driving – 8,928 accidents.
  • Failure to stop for a stop sign, traffic light or not obeying other traffic signs – 7,169 accidents.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol – 5,377 collisions.

Road safety tips for South Carolina drivers

Traffic safety officials at the South Carolina Department of Public Safety offered five general driving safety tips designed to reduce the number of collisions:

  • Always share the road with other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Don’t drive aggressively.
  • Drive slower during hazardous weather and turn on your headlights, especially when it’s raining.
  • If fog or smoke makes it hard to see, always turn on your headlights while driving. That way, other drivers can see you and you can see better as well.
  • Drive slower in work zones and keep a safe distance from workers.
  • If you have a tire blowout while driving, don’t slam on the brakes or try to speed up. Simply coast to the side of the road.

Why should I hire a South Carolina car accident attorney?

If another driver caused your car accident in South Carolina, you might think you don't need a lawyer since your accident claim should be fairly straightforward. Unfortunately, many accidents turn out to be complicated legal cases. This is often because the at-fault driver denies doing anything wrong. And their insurance company will happily take their side rather than pay you the money you rightfully deserve.

Our experienced South Carolina car accident lawyers at Johnson + Johnson, Attorneys At Law know how to deal with difficult drivers and insurance companies. We have years of experience handling such complex legal cases. And we can deal directly with the at-fault driver's insurance company on your behalf.

Put your trust in a South Carolina law firm that puts your needs first. Contact us and schedule a free consultation with a Lexington, SC car accident attorney focused on winning your case. We work on a contingency fee basis. That means you only have to pay if we get you a financial settlement or verdict.

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